"The right of free assembly is an essential element of a free and democratic society, the kind of society that we should strive to create and to defend. The Article 20 Network merits praise and support for upholding this fundamental right."

- Noam Chomsky

100% of your tax-deductible donation will immediately fund the defense and protection of the right to free assembly.

The rights of protesters protect the rights of us all. That’s why the freedom of peaceful assembly is an inalienable human right as sure as voting and free speech.

Right now, with your gift to the Article 20 Network, you are making a statement: "I'm standing up for those who stand up!"

Your contribution will be put to immediate use on our programs to protect and promote free assembly: education, direct action, research, and legal services.

Supporters like you make the Article 20 Network's work possible. To maintain our independence, we do not accept money from governments, corporations or corporate foundations. The Article 20 Network is a tax exempt organization under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3).

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