You believe that the Freedom of Assembly is a cornerstone of civil society. You understand that yesterday's protests brought us today's privileges and freedoms and, moreover, that tomorrow's liberties will be won by today's public demonstrations.

You can take action right now to help protect our Freedom of Assembly. Get involved and take the following four steps as far as time permits.

1. join the network

Who is the Article 20 Network? You are.

When you join the Network, you’ll stay connected to the latest news about the defense and advancement of peaceful assembly. You can expect to:

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Every time the Network grows, Freedom of Assembly is strengthened.

2. stay connected

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By making a donation to the Article 20 Network, you become invested in the fight to safeguard our human right to peaceful assembly. Make a one-time donation or monthly micro, depending on what works better for you. Your donations go directly to advancing our mission, which is 100% focused on protecting the Freedom of Assembly. 

4. volunteer

Our team of volunteers is always expanding. Whatever your skills, there's always a way to get more deeply involved. Let us know what volunteer work you enjoy.

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