Press Release

The Article 20 Network Welcomes Four New Board Members

Despite profound changes in the global political climate since we launched last October, the Article 20 Network has stayed focused on building a sustainable organization capable of defending the freedom of peaceful assembly for the long-term.

The problems we are tackling - the criminalization of protest, militarization of our police, violence against protesters - have been entrenched for time immemorial and can only be overcome by an enduring effort.

As we face this long game, the Article 20 Network is encouraged and pleased to introduce you to four new members of our Board of Directors. Our Directors play a critical role in shaping the future of our young organization: our strategy, long-term vision and sustainability for the long fight.

Alycee Lane, Author and Activist, Joins the Article 20 Network to Promote Nonviolence in the Public Forum

The Article 20 Network, a human rights organization recently formed to defend and advance the right to Freedom of Assembly worldwide, announces that Alycee Lane, activist and author of Nonviolence Now!, is joining the Article 20 Network as our Nonviolence Adviser. In this role, Lane will explore practical and philosophical issues of nonviolence in the context of the human right to peaceful assembly.

The Article 20 Network Promotes Peaceful Assembly on Eve of U.S. Presidential Election

The Article 20 Network has garnered support from prominent social critics and experts. Noam Chomsky says, β€œThe right of free assembly is an essential element of a free and democratic society, the kind of society that we should strive to create and to defend. The Article 20 Network merits praise and support for upholding this fundamental right.”